Protecting Fido and Fluffy with a Trusts and Estates Attorney in Broadway NC

When a person considers hiring a trusts and estates attorney in Broadway North Carolina, it is usually in contemplation as to how to help other people.  He or she may want to carefully draft a will to leave assets to a spouse or children or make a trust that will protect his or her family’s future for years to come.  However, a trusts and estates attorney in Broadway North Carolina can also be retained to provide planning regarding pets.

For many people, pets become a member of the family.  They may supplement a family that has children or sometimes take the place of children in a person’s life.  When a person is contemplating final wishes, he or she may consider what will happen to the family pet.  This is especially important if the individual is single.  However, even if the individual is fairly comfortable that the pet will be inherited by someone he or she trusts, the person may still feel better getting this information in writing and ensuring that funds are available for the pet’s use and maintenance.

North Carolina law has a specific statute that details the creation of trusts for the use of caring for a pet.  This statute states that no portion of the trust is to be used for the trustee or otherwise unless the trust explicitly states otherwise.  Additionally, the trust remains in force until the death of the last animal.  Upon termination, any remaining trust funds are transferred in accordance with the trust instructions or as part of the residuary clause of the will if there are no relevant instructions.  A trusts and estates attorney can draft specific trust instructions that the trustee can carry out.