Should I Have an Attorney Present at Closing?

Looking into purchasing the home of your dreams? While this can be an exciting process, it can also be an overwhelming one and one that is filled with details.  If you are looking to purchase a home in Sanford, you’d do well to get an attorney to represent you from the outset.  An experienced real estate attorney helps to look out for your rights for the duration of the home purchase process.  There are many possible pitfalls and complex legal issues that can arise during a home purchase, and one of the most important processes is officially closing on your new home.

The closing process along generates a lot of questions to do with negotiations over repairs, legal interpretations of survey concerns and title issues, inspection problems, and interpretation of contract terms.  While these may give you a headache, an attorney with a background in real estate will be familiar with the possible missteps and can be on hand to help you prevent them.

There are also specific North Carolina laws that govern why it’s essential to have an attorney present at your closing.  Title insurance can only be issued under the legal opinion of a licensed attorney in the state, which is why real estate closings will nearly always have an attorney present.

Gaining peace of mind, getting additional questions answered, and making sure that you are prepared for what happens at a closing are all reasons to engage an attorney prior to the closing itself.  Come prepared by making a checklist of all the requests from your lender and your realtor, but give your attorney time to review the necessary documents before the house officially becomes yours.  An attorney can be critical for ensuring a seamless transition for your home.