Why Both Buyers and Sellers Need a Real Estate Attorney Sanford in NC

Whether you are planning to buy or sell real estate in North Carolina, you should make your decision wisely, since there are legal implications to every real estate transaction.  It is advisable to consult with a real estate attorney in Sanford North Carolina before you make a deposit or sign any documents related to the purchase or sale of property.  An experienced real estate attorney in Sanford North Carolina will have the specific expertise you need to protect your legal interests in your real estate transaction.

A contract for the sale of real estate in North Carolina must be in writing in order to be legally enforceable.  As long as the written real estate contract includes a dated offer, the purchase price and the signatures of both the buyer and seller, it is legally binding.  Consequently, it is essential to have your real estate contract reviewed by a licensed North Carolina real estate attorney to in order to avoid potential problems down and ensure that the provisions of the contract correspond to your expectations.

A common issue that often arises in real estate transactions relates to the returning of earnest money deposits in the event that any condition of the contract is not satisfied as agreed.  Unless your real estate contract states otherwise, state law requires the broker to retain the earnest money or deposit it with the Clerk of Superior Court until a written release from both the Seller and Buyer has been obtained, or until the court orders disbursement.

All material aspects of a North Carolina residential real estate closing must be supervised by an attorney.  Only a North Carolina licensed attorney may offer an opinion related to title or answer any questions at the closing table.  Contact a local real estate attorney to represent you in your real estate transaction.