Cases that a Lemon Springs Family Law Attorney May Handle

A Lemon Springs family law attorney may handle a wide variety of cases.  Different attorneys may focus their practice on different cases.  When looking for a Lemon Springs family law attorney, find someone who has experience in the particular family law matter that you are dealing with.  Family law cases include:


One of the most common family law cases is divorce.  Most spouses today divorce based on no-fault grounds, stating that they simply have differences that cannot be corrected and would prefer for the state to terminate their marital relationship.  However, there are also fault-grounds.  Family law attorneys assist with the legal pleadings and negotiations involved in divorce.

Child Custody, Visitation and Parenting Plans

Lemon Springs family law attorneys may also be called upon to assist with matters related to child custody.  This may be part of a divorce action or a separate action.  They try to show that the court should make an order as requested by the party who they are representing because this would be in the best interest of the child.  Lemon Springs family law attorneys also represent parents who have already received a court order related to child custody but who want to modify it because of changes that have occurred.


Family law attorneys assist parents who want to adopt a child.  This may involve domestic adoption or international adoption.  It can also be for stepparent adoption. 

No Contact Orders 

If domestic violence has occurred in the romantic relationship, the abused victim may ask the court to order the abuser not to have any contact with him or her.  Family law attorneys can assist victims with filing for a protective order.  They also represent people who are falsely accused of misconduct.