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Does A Parent Who Doesn’t Get Custody Have Any Rights?

If a parent is not awarded custody of the children in a divorce or other hearing in Harnett County, the judge will enter an Order that will specify the terms under which this individual can visit with his or her children.  Most parents who live reasonably close to the children will have some kind of visitation with the kids.  More often than not, this will mean a minimum of every other weekend and holidays and school breaks split between that parent and the other parent. Of course, these are just guidelines and judges are given a fair amount of latitude in determining what kind of visitation represents the best interests of the children.  There are no specific laws that require a judge to give particular time to the non-custodial parent, so the amount of visitation can vary greatly between cases.  A judge gets this leeway when parents are not at all able to agree on custody or visitation issues of their own. To the extent which you can cooperate with the other parent, you may be able to reduce the chances that a judge makes decisions about you and your children.  If you can come to terms with the other parent regarding an agreeable visitation schedule, discuss this with your Lee County family law attorney to establishment an arrangement of your own.  The court usually tends to prefer that parents are able to agree on these issues on their own, anyways.  See if you can come to a compromise that represents a fair and reasonable schedule for you to be able to visit with your children if you are not awarded custody.  Attempting to do these things in a non-adversarial manner may be better for you and the children anyways.