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How to Have the Divorce Conversation With Your Kids

One of the most difficult conversations you ever have with your kids is telling them that you and your spouse are getting a divorce. While some kids may handle the news well, others may not. It can be difficult to know ahead of time how your kids will react when they hear about the upcoming divorce. Your Harnett County family law attorney can help.

Leave Out the Details
One of the main thing experts recommend is leaving out complicated details that the kids do not understand. They do not always need to know the reason for the marriage ending and they do not need to hear one spouse blame the other for it. Not everything you discuss with your Harnett County family law attorney needs to be said to your kids.

Plan Ahead
Before you begin talking to the kids about the situation, it is a good idea to go into it with a plan. This allows you to develop thought out answers to some of the questions they may have. If they can tell you are confused and uneasy, it will only heighten their fears.

Focus on the Positives
Even if only one of you plans to talk to the kids, you still want to show a united front. Try focusing on the good things about your family and make sure your kids know they are loved no matter what. Explain to them what parts will stay the same they know not everything will be changing for them. Provide as much comfort as possible while they deal with their emotions. If you still struggle to talk to them, seek counsel from your Harnett County family law attorney.