How Is Child Support in Sanford NC Calculated?

For the most part, child support in Sanford North Carolina is ordered in an amount equivalent to that in the state child support table that corresponds with the parents’ adjusted income. This comparison serves as a rebuttable presumption as to the proper amount of child support in Sanford North Carolina cases.

Expenses Included in Guidelines

North Carolina law establishes certain child support guidelines that are used to determine the amount of support that a child needs in comparison to the earnings of both of his or her parents. This amount is based on data regarding the average expenditures on children. The amount in the guidelines excludes amounts for child care, health insurance and healthcare costs that exceed $250 per year. If the child incurs these costs, the reasonable amount of these expenses is added to the amount in the guideline on a prorated basis between the parents based on their individual incomes. The court may also order that other expenses be added to the child support guidelines, including expenses related to the child’s education or expenses incurred in transporting a child between his or her parents’ homes.

Determining Adjusted Income

In most cases, the child support obligation is calculated by adding the adjusted gross incomes of the parents together and then prorating the amount of support between the parents based on their respective incomes. Gross income is the amount of income that a parent receives from any source, including wages, self-employment, business income, rental property income or income from retirement funds and investments. This income is adjusted to account for any other existing child support obligations. If the court finds that a parent is voluntarily unemployed or underemployed, it can impute the amount of income based on the amount that the parent should be earning.