Choosing a Probate Attorney in Lee County NC

A probate attorney in Lee County North Carolina helps clients represent their interests in certain claims that involved a deceased individual.  For example, a probate attorney in Lee County North Carolina may be hired to determine an individual’s true intent for the distribution of an estate.  Or, if there is more than one will in existence, a probate attorney may help clients figure out which one is valid.  If an individual died without a will, the probate attorney can provide advice and guidance as to how any property will be distributed to surviving family members.

How do you select a probate attorney? First, see if your friends or relatives have recommendations for attorneys they have used in the past.  If they do not, look for probate attorneys in your area.  Look them up on the Internet and check out their websites.

Many attorneys offer a free or low-cost consultation for potential clients.  Set up a few consultations with attorneys in your area.  When meeting with these attorneys, ask them what percentage of their practice is probate law, and how long they have been practicing probate law.  The more probate cases an attorney has, and the longer an attorney has been practicing probate law, the better the chances are that the attorney will provide you with excellent representation.

Additionally, ask the probate attorneys about their office and billing procedures.  Will you be billed on a weekly basis, or every thirty days? If you have a question, will you be directed to a paralegal, or will you be able to get in touch with your attorney? Make sure that the answers to these questions suit your preferences.

Of course, make sure that your attorney’s personality clicks with yours—after all, you will be working together for some time on an emotional matter.