When Do I Need a Healthcare Power of Attorney in Sanford NC?

A healthcare power of attorney in Sanford North Carolina is an individual whom you give the ability to make healthcare decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so. Some individuals choose to appoint the same person to serve as a durable power of attorney for financial purposes and as a healthcare power of attorney. An estate planning lawyer can explain that there are certain times when you may want to appoint a healthcare power of attorney in Sanford North Carolina.

Before Medical Treatment

If you know that you will be undergoing a particular medical treatment, such as surgery or a treatment that involves anesthesia, you may want to consider appointing a healthcare power of attorney. Consider someone who is geographically close in case he or she needs to go to the medical center where you are undergoing this treatment.

Near the End

When it is time to have an end-of-life discussion, it is important that you express your final wishes to your loved ones. Your healthcare power of attorney can be used in conjunction with other directives, such as a living will. The healthcare power of attorney should be familiar with your wishes and be able to execute them.

To Appoint Someone You Trust

Simply because a person is a “next of kin” or even a close family member does not mean that you think that person would be the best person for the job of making major medical decisions on your behalf. In other cases, people are in committed relationships but are not officially married. In these situations, appointing a healthcare power of attorney allows you to grant a person you trust with this important power.


Sometimes major medical catastrophes occur. They come out of nowhere and can inflict even the youngest of patients. It is never too early to make this important decision and document.