How a Probate Attorney in Sanford North Carolina Can Help Your Family

Probate disputes are among the most emotional, difficult disagreements a family may experience.  The emotions family members feel after the loss of a loved one often hinder decision-making and planning as the deceased’s affairs are finalized.  When a dispute occurs in these difficult times, it may permanently damage familial relationships.  However, hiring a probate attorney in Sanford North Carolina may help the family members resolve the dispute peacefully.  Probate attorneys in Sanford North Carolina are skilled in addressing the various issues that may arise after a loved one has died.

Family members often argue about a deceased loved one’s intentions as a will is interpreted.  One relative may think that a clause in the will has one meaning, whereas other family members think it has a different meaning.  Such disagreements may significantly delay or even halt the distribution of assets after a will.  A probate attorney may help the family understand the terms of the will and how the laws of the state apply to that document.  Often, a third party’s unbiased advice helps the family put the matter behind them and close the estate.

Of course, not every person has a will.  What happens in that case? Laws of intestacy will apply to the deceased’s estate.  In these situations, it is also helpful to have a probate attorney present to help the family understand how the laws dictate a person’s assets will be distributed.  Laws of intestacy depend on the specific nature of the deceased individual’s family and relationships.  Many family members may feel that they are entitled to at least some of the deceased’s estate when they actually are not.

Clearly, distributing a loved one’s estate is a difficult process.  To ensure all legal requirements are met, it is best to have the assistance of a probate attorney.