Real Estate Law


The purchase, sale and financing of real estate is a document-driven process that many, including experienced business people, find overwhelming. We advise clients in all types of transactions relating to commercial and residential real estate. Our lawyers serve individual homebuyers and sellers, property developers, brokers, lenders, and construction contractors.

For residential homebuyers, please download our eBook on our homepage.  It will provide you with valuable information and will probably answer most of your questions.

Due to the importance of entering into an agreement that accurately reflects the intent of the parties, we carefully review and draft purchase contracts, leases and other documents relating to real estate transactions to ensure that the document reflects the manifested intent of the parties. Through many years of experience, we have found that this process saves our client significant time and money in the long run.

We handle a wide range of real estate law matters in addition to purchases and sales, including the representation of all parties with a financial or legal interest in a real estate transaction or dispute.  Our services include:

  • Purchase agreements – representing buyers and sellers
  • Commercial leasing matters – representing landlords and tenants
  • Foreclosures – representing lenders and debtors
  • Title searches and resolution of title defects
  • Zoning, planning, and land use issues – re-zoning and variances for commercial and residential projects
  • Real estate closings – residential and commercial
  • Construction contracts – representing builders and homeowners
  •  Real estate litigation – including disputes involving easements, construction defects, boundary line disputes and partitioning proceedings.


Many neighborhoods contain requirements that a homeowner pay dues to maintain the neighborhood, restrictions on what types of houses can be built and lists of certain prohibited activities. These are called restrictive covenants. Failure to abide by the covenants can result in liens being placed on your land and in some cases foreclosure. Our firm has decades of experience assisting both property owner associations as well as individual homeowners.  We handle a wide range of covenant and neighborhood association matters. Our services include:

  • Drafting and amending restrictive covenants – representing the association and its board of directors
  • Advising POAs and HOAs on courses of action dealing with homeowners
  • Collecting dues from delinquent homeowners
  • Protecting homeowners rights from overzealous POAs and HOAs