Why You Should Retain a Lemon Springs Real Estate Attorney

Even though you are not legally required to hire a Lemon Springs real estate attorney when buying or selling real property, it is usually in your best interest to do so.  In some cases, buyers may realize that they need the services of a Lemon Springs real estate attorney when it is too late for him or her to correct mistakes that were made in the process.

While a real estate agent may have a good background on real estate in the area and in negotiating a good sales price after reviewing the relevant competitive listings and sales, he or she is not qualified to make any type of legal judgment.  In some cases, an unanticipated problem may arise that the agent has no experience with.  For example, the home may be occupied by tenants who have certain rights to the property.  A dispute regarding the property’s boundary line may arise that could cloud the title or affect the value of the home.  In some cases, unpermitted structures or additions have been made to the property.  Liens or encumbrances may have been placed against the property, creating an ugly cloud on the title.

A real estate attorney can address these legal issues.  Additionally, he or she can draft or review a purchase agreement to ensure that your legal interests are being protected.  By including or omitting provisions in a standard contract, the lawyer can help customize the purchase or sale so that you are protected.  He or she can also ensure that contingency provisions are included in the contract in case a problem does arise so that you have a way out of the contract if you need it.