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Tasks a Business Lawyer in Sanford NC Can Handle for Small Businesses

A business lawyer in Sanford NC can assist small businesses in a number of meaningful tasks.  This early assistance allows a small business owner to start off on the right foot.  Some of the key ways that a business lawyer in Sanford NC can assist include:

Choose a Business Entity Type

There are various types of businesses that the business owner may want to consider.  Each different type has different effects on liability and on the tax structure of the business.  Forming a corporation is often much more complex in nature than forming a sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability corporation.  A business lawyer can help prepare articles of incorporation and assist with instructing business owners of how the corporation must be managed to maintain its separate identity.

Filing a Trademark, Patent or Other Intellectual Property

Intellectual property filings are best handled by a professional.  Patent applications are complex and thorough.  Some people wait years after filing for a patent before they are ultimately approved.  When a business selects its name and trademark, it must ensure that it does not infringe on someone else’s intellectual property.  Additionally, a business owner will not want to devote time and money in support of a name that it will later need to abandon.

Creating Contracts

Businesses may need contracts for a variety of reasons, including contracts with vendors, buy-sell agreements for business members or shareholders, non-disclosure agreements when third parties are consulted about something new in the business and employment contracts.  Businesses may also need contracts to purchase or sell assets and real estate.


Businesses may be subject to lawsuits from employees, partners, customers or others.  If the business is sued, a business lawyer may assist with protecting the legal interests of the business.