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Essential Roles of a Probate Attorney in Broadway NC

A probate attorney in Broadway NC serve many important roles.  The most significant one is the assistive role with the estate’s personal representative.  A probate attorney in Broadway NC helps with the probate process from start to finish.  Some of the essential roles he or she performs include:

Locating Assets

A probate lawyer can review the will, trust and other documents in order to identify probate assets and non-probate assets.  This can help ensure that money and other assets are not accidentally forfeited or forgotten.

Evaluating Assets

A significant process involved in probate is determining the value of various assets.  A probate lawyer has contacts with professional appraisers and can seek a professional appraisal to support the documents that the personal representative submits to the court.

Requesting Court Permission

Once the values of certain assets are known, the beneficiaries may prefer to have the monetary value of the asset rather than the asset itself.  He or she may request the court’s permission to sell certain assets including real estate and may assist with the contracts associated with these sales.

Retitling Assets

A probate attorney may also help with retitling real estate and other assets to effectuate the legal transfer.

Preparing Tax Documents

The probate lawyer may also assist with determining whether estate taxes or inheritance taxes will be due.  He or she can determine where these funds will derive from.  Additionally, he or she may address any income tax issues.

Payment of Bills

A probate attorney may also advise on the payment of final bills after creditors have been notified of the testator’s death.

Preparing Documents for the Court

A probate attorney may assist with preparing the various accountings and other documents required by the probate court.  He or she can also ensure that filing deadlines are met.