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Creative Provisions a Real Estate Attorney in Broadway NC Can Add to a Purchase Agreement

A real estate attorney in Broadway NC is intimately familiar with how competitive the housing market can be.  Sometimes the difference between whether or not a sale goes through is how sweet the provisions are for the seller.  A real estate attorney in Broadway NC may add the following provisions to your sales agreement:

No Inspection Clause

While many people want to perform a home inspection before a purchase is made and this is generally advised, these inspections can sometimes be a way to stall the deal or ask for a price reduction.  If you have a reason not to request an inspection, such as already having a home warranty, planning to purchase the lot for the land or stripping the home down to its studs for a complete overhaul, you may decide to do without this clause.

Rent-Back Agreement

Sometimes a seller wants to be assured that the sell goes through before actually looking for another home.  If he or she plans to buy the next home, the seller may be concerned about having to carry two mortgages at once.  Agreeing to rent the home back to the seller gives the seller the needed equity in the home to enter his or her own purchase contract while also allowing him or her to only have to move once.


In some instances, a seller may need to access adjacent land.  For example, if he or she maintains a business on a separate building on the land or maintains framing land, granting an easement to the seller can provide additional time for him or her to secure new land for these business purposes.  The easement may contain a specific expiration date so that the travel through the land is not indefinite.