Three Common Challenges Warranting a Probate Lawyer

While no state in the U. S. legally requires a probate lawyer when handling the estate of a loved one, people often find themselves facing difficult and complex matters when unraveling the possessions, assets and desires of a loved one who has recently passed away.

What are some of the common instances that a qualified Harnett County probate attorney would be a good idea? A few situations include:

Complicated tax issues

These situations add another complicated layer to an already emotional time. If your loved one’s estate is riddled with tax codes and requirements that you can’t decipher without significant assistance, a probate lawyer is the way to go. When handled incorrectly, tax issues are complications that not only ever go away, but only increase in complexity and severity over time. Getting the matter resolved quickly and correctly in the beginning is the surest way to avoid a legal headache down the road.

Unclear wording in wills and other legal documents

If certain mandates and passages in a will or other document are unclear, instead of guessing or assuming what the estate’s holder desired, contact a lawyer with probate expertise to help you navigate the murky language. While it was probably not your loved one’s intent to be unclear about their wishes in relation to their estate, issues do arise and if not handled properly, they can

Disputed claims among surviving family members

While contested wills are rare, they do happen. Often the result of unclear communication while the estate holder was still alive, this sort of complications can cause rifts in families that last lifetimes if handled incorrectly. If your loved one’s final wishes are being contested, a probate lawyer will be your best advocate in fulfilling their final wishes.