Three Times It Pays to Have a Probate Attorney in Lee County NC

Under some circumstances, the executor can be held personally responsible for mistakes he or she makes.  In order to avoid such consequences, many executors retain the services of a probate attorney in Lee County North Carolina.  A probate attorney in Lee County North Carolina is especially helpful in the following scenarios:

Real Estate Must Be Handled 

For many people, their most valuable asset is real estate.  The executor has the responsibility of safeguarding the decedent’s property and following the mandates of the will.  The executor also has the duty to maintain the property.

The executor may be tasked with the responsibility of selling real estate.  It is often advisable to list the property quickly since it can take some time to sell real estate.  A probate attorney may be able to provide information about the options available to the executor, such as investing some funds into the property so it will yield a higher sales price or selling property with flaws in it to an investor if it would not otherwise secure a good price.

Hiring Other Professionals 

There may come a time when the executor needs to hire another professional, such as a realtor, accountant, financial planner or tax advisor.  While a friend may be employed in one of these professions, hiring him or her may create a conflict of interest.  A probate attorney may be able to recommend another professional that is more neutral to the executor.

Submitting Documents to the Court 

There are specific documents that the executor must submit.  There are also special deadlines that must be adhered to.  A probate attorney can ensure that the proper procedures are followed in order to avoid unnecessary problems and delays.