Top Four Questions to Ask a Real Estate Attorney

When buying or selling single-family residences, most homeowners won’t need the help of a real estate attorney, but when large investment properties are on the line, or when more than one property is involved in the sale, professional Sanford real estate legal help can save you lots of legal headaches down the line.  But just because an attorney practices real estate law, doesn’t mean he or she is the best-qualified for your particular case.

Here are the top four questions to ask a real estate attorney:

Does your experience line up with my particular case?

To understand what you want out of an attorney, take the time to really understand your specific needs and desired outcomes for your situation.  Are you dealing with several different lower-value properties or one large high-value piece of real estate? Are you looking for a tax expert to help you with a specific problem?

What is your fee structure?

Nobody likes to talk money, but this is the time to have the discussion up front.  Get an understanding of not only how much they plan to charge, but the manner they plan to do it in.  Will a retainer be required? How much will need to be paid upfront?

Who is going to be working on my case?

Law offices are busy places and the attorney you have an initial meeting with might not be the person doing the leg work on your case, which isn’t usually a problem will you have access to speak with the attorney, or will you be referred to any number of paralegals, junior attorneys or administrative assistants? Understand upfront and save yourself any surprises or disappointments down the road.

How will you handle a case like mine?

You’re not asking for specific, drawn-up plans, but getting an idea that this attorney has worked with your specific circumstances is necessary to know before hiring, as well as assuring yourself that you’re comfortable with their plan of action and tactics when handling your case.